Come dance with us!

“When the music changes, so does the dance.” -African Proverb


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Our annual Summer Prom, coming soon to you…

Save the date! Workshops with Ruth and Mike, just back from a teaching tour in Europe, August 2-3!



Weekly at Shades


Live music with Adin Van Duyne!

adinAdin has been playing music since his first piano lesson at age 8. His instrument ADD lead him to play clarinet, oboe, guitar, and all sorts of percussion by the time he was in high school. Recently he’s been learning harmonica and banjo. Dancing brought his passion for music full circle and provided him with an opportunity to perform as a musician. Using a phrase sampler, Adin performs solo without any pre recorded music. Everything you hear is created live on the spot thanks to some awesome technology and fancy footwork.

DJs: 9pm Reeva Bradly, Live Music! with Adin Van Duyne , 11pm Paul Mandel
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Adin Van Duyne (Colorado)
8pm Experienced Lesson with Paul Mandel


DJs: 9pm Paul Mandel, 10pm Ian Carr, 11pm Angie Huang
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Reeva Bradley
8pm Experienced Lesson with Emily Webb and Jeannie Lin
Tango Turns
Yes, Tango dancers do actually break their embrace for a turn every once in a while.  Tango turns have a special flavor that is different from the turns of swing, blues and salsa.  They are smooth. They travel.  They flow flow seamlessly within the dance.

In this class we will play with a variety of turns and basic Tango movement to walk, pivot and flow your way through turns on the dance floor.
Hosts: Jason and Reeva


DJs: 9pm Brenda Russell, 10pm David Shackelford, 11pm Ian Carr
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Victor Lane and Krystal Wanberg
8pm Experienced Lesson with Brenda Russell and Jonathan Janis
From Macro to Micro: creating within the space of partnership
We will use isolations, stretch, torque, and more to find creative movement in various embraces.
Host: Jason


DJs: 9pm , 10pm Anya Crane, 11pm Brandon Istenes
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Brandon Istenes
8pm Experienced Lesson with Anya Crane and Edwin Li
Playing with West Coast Swing Elements
You know those everlasting spins you admire in West Coast Swing dancers? Come get the ingredients to do them yourself. This class will focus on spin and turn technique, with a cool pattern within which to apply it. Leave with the tools to apply it to the rest of your dancing!
Host: Victor Lane



DJs: 9pm , 10pm Jared Luxenberg, 11pm Angie Huang
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Angie Huang
8pm Experienced Lesson with Alex Westfall


DJs: 9pm Reeva Bradley, 10pm Paul Mandel, 11pm Ian Carr
8pm Fundamentals Lesson Reeva Bradley
8pm Experienced Lesson with Emily Webb


DJs: 9pm David Shackelford, 10pm Angie Huang, 11pm 
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Paul Mandel
8pm Experienced Lesson Brandon Istenes and Angie Huang


DJs: 9pm Paul Mandel, 10pm Ruth Evelyn, 11pm 
8pm Fundamentals Lesson with Ruth Evelyn
8pm Experienced Lesson with Ted Maddry

Host: Ruth Evelyn


DJs: 9pm , 10pm Mike Grosser, 11pm Ruth Evelyn
8pm Fundamentals Lesson 
8pm Experienced Lesson with Ruth Evelyn and Mike Grosser

Host: Ruth Evelyn


Every Monday night in the Mission, from 9:00-12:00, come have fun and dance with your friends to blues music and beyond. Check out our drop-in lessons at 8:00 (No partner or experience needed). Sliding Scales: $12-$16 lesson plus dance, $6-$10 dance only.

We love variety, so we partner dance to many styles of music, exploring different styles of movement to go with it. To blues music we dance blues dances. To other music we branch out and explore AltDancing, or find inspiration from other dance forms.


Monday Nights
Classes    8:00pm – 9:00pm
Social Dance  9:00pm – 12:00am


3040 22nd St (Polish Club)
San Francisco, CA