Come dance with us!

“When the music changes, so does the dance.” -African Proverb

October and November Fusion Series

We’re thrilled to offer a new special series at Shades during the months of October and mark&kellyNovember! As you know, much of the music and dancing we do at Shades is varied, and plays outside of most established dance styles. We excited to have world travelling dance instructor Mark Carpenter, partnering with some of the premier fusion dancers in the Bay Area, in residence this fall, offering a fusion series exploring the emerging dance style.
“Fusion” is an approach to dance that takes atomic dance building blocks and constructs dance conventions in the moment with your partner, to the music.
These lessons will aim to be comprehensive, but are not progressive, so come to the ones you can, and tell your friends. We can already tell that this is a dance series that you won’t want to miss.

About Mark Carpenter
Originally from California, Mark has been effectively nomadic since 2010 and is excited to be back teaching in the United States after a three month tour in Europe. Mark began blues dancing in 2005 and started teaching shortly thereafter, though he’s explored various other dance styles from lindy hop to hip-hop/break to Contact improv. In recent years he has dedicated his dance to the emerging forms and conventions of “fusion” and is eager to explore that world here at Shades. Coming from a non-dance background spanning theatre, music, and tech, Mark has a unique approach to dance, movement and the teaching of both. His constant goal is to make the impossible easy and the easy look impossible.

Weekly at Shades


DJs: 9pm Mark Carpenter, 10pm, 11pm Ian Carr
8pm Fundamentals Lesson: Rosalind Diaz
8pm Experienced Lesson: Mark Carpenter and Paul Mandel
Hosts: Matthew, Mark

DJs: 9pm Mark Carpenter, 10pm Brandon Istenes, 11pm
8pm Fundamentals Lesson: Brandon Istenes
8pm Experienced Lesson: Mark Carpenter and Ted Maddry
Hosts: Sierra, Mark

DJs: 9pm , 10pm Mark Carpenter, 11pm
8pm Fundamentals Lesson: Franz Jundis
8pm Experienced Lesson: Mark Carpenter and Emily Webb
Hosts: Matthew, Mimi


Every Monday night in the Mission, from 9:00-12:00, come have fun and dance with your friends to blues music and beyond. Check out our drop-in lessons at 8:00 (No partner or experience needed). Sliding Scales: $12-$16 lesson plus dance, $6-$10 dance only.

We love variety, so we partner dance to many styles of music, exploring different styles of movement to go with it. To blues music we dance blues dances. To other music we branch out and explore AltDancing, or find inspiration from other dance forms.


Monday Nights
Classes    8:00pm – 9:00pm
Social Dance  9:00pm – 12:00am


3040 22nd St (Polish Club)
San Francisco, CA